As a mother of two and pharmacist by profession, time has always been the enemy. With 5-10 minutes to put together a fashionably chic yet modest outfit, mornings were crazy. Drawing on my passion for design, I started creating clothing inspired by my own life. I knew that other modest modern women were facing the same challenges. That’s when ModestLily was born. ModestLily is all about creating modest, stylish clothing – without being frumpy, outdated, or uncomfortable."

Tasnuva Khan’s creative vision is key to the success of ModestLily. She currently lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with her husband Musa and their son Yusef and daughter Noura.  Tasnuva was born in Bangladesh and raised in New York City.  Naturally, her work draws inspiration from both East and West. Combining modern styles with classic colors, materials and patterns, she’s continually innovating and experimenting. Coupled with her husband’s management and business expertise, it’s this spirit of creative innovation that drives ModestLily.

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