Modesty: An Exciting Trend In The World Of Fashion

Modesty has seldom been associated with fashion. That is, until now. The last few years have seen a frenzy of activity in the world of modest clothing. Mainstream fashion brands are helping to bring modesty into the fashion limelight, and small, boutique stores such as ModestLily are empowering modest, fashion-oriented women around the globe. But what’s driving these trends, and what does it say about what the future holds?

Social media is one such powerful driving force. Modest fashion bloggers are proving that fashion and modesty aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, far from it. The two can be combined, resulting in outfits that fuse the best of both worlds. And their splashes in the industry are spurring on a new era of chic, modest-centric online brands, blogs and stores.

At ModestLily, that’s precisely what we’re doing. Our goal is to create a community of women from all diverse backgrounds together united by a single thing - the mutual love for our range of modest yet fashion-forward clothing.

As a wife, mother, and busy professional, I started ModestLily to inspire other modest modern women to never settle for less when it comes to their wardrobes. Drawing on my design skills and love of fashion, I wanted to empower women, letting them know that a hectic life doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to your wardrobe.

And modest fashion doesn’t have to be limiting – in fact, it can be exciting, chic and creative! That’s exactly what the ModestLily clothing is all about. Our wide range takes the best trends from the fashion world and combines it with a modest look to redefine how modest women see their clothes, opening up a new world of fashion-forward clothing.

We believe that the modest trend in fashion is doing more than simply providing a variety of choice. Bringing modesty into the fashion limelight is inspiring and empowering hundreds of thousands of modest women around the globe – from a variety of backgrounds, faiths and countries. Not only that, it’s bringing them together. New styles and variety of options are giving women choices that they want to have.

What does the future hold for modest fashion? Notable celebrities are already proving modesty can be fashionable in the mainstream. And chic, creative brands are driving the movement forward. Fashion has been transfixed with overly-revealing styles for decades. With recent modest trends, there just might be room for a new, exciting contender in the world of fashion.


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